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Dolly Manghat Productive School of Celestial Wisdom

Empowering And Transforming Life

Dolly Manghat School of Celestial Wisdom

Empowering And Transforming Life

REMAIN VIGILANT as I promise that my classes on Contemporary Astrology are going to be very potent. They can change your life the way they did mine. When I took to learning I sure changed, because the stars and the constellations illuminated the secret corners of myself, my inner being and also provided me with the key to understanding people at large.

I speak through the experiences from the interesting journey of my life. Following instructions combined them with my intuition, I did impishly, brazenly break some rules by which this dry complex subject is normally taught, the result of which is for everyone to see. I feel proud to be a pioneer of demystifying Astrology and bringing it to its relatable form.

I strongly believe that Astrology is the psychology of the universe, if understood and studied well, we can not only change our lives but also bring about a constructive and productive change in the lives of others.

The learnings are easy and will infect you with a burning desire to know and learn more. Its an addiction, the urge becomes insidious, it will rapidly devour your instincts and you can become wildly insatiable. My lessons can turn you, within weeks, into a fully fledged confident practicing Astrologer. My teachings will contribute a useful method for understanding relationships  both personally and professionally. Thus, enabling you to be an architect of your own fate. Astrology has the power to alter perceptions, for after your learnings with me or through my teachings you will never see the world in the same light again.

God Bless
Dolly Manghat

Dolly Manghat Astrology Certificate

Ready to Embark upon your Learning?

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Dolly Manghat School of Celestial Wisdom believes in learning and transforming lives through Astrology, the psychology of the universe.

You will learn to be confident by overcoming your fears, imbibed through life conditions, culture or traditions. Through your learnings of planets and by knowing their definition you will be able to overcome the predictive or negative Judgements associated with the subject. Thus transforming your own life and the lives of others. Be an architect of your fate and learn to design your life the way you want. Ready to embark upon your learning?

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