Integrated Astrology Course

Level-1  & 2 (Virtual eClass)

Why Live Predictions? Create Your Own Prophecies

This all  new Integrated Astrology Course blends Vedic and Western Astrology concepts beautifully and sets you on the path of health, wealth and happiness.  Empower yourself through your energies and talents. Be the master of your destiny.

The sun helps you visualize your empire

Moon helps you understand your strength

Mercury works on your intelligence and communication

Venus reflects your desires and feelings

Mars describes your ability of action

Jupiter helps you in your belief system

Saturns wants you to structure through rules, rings (structure-limitations), and responsibilities

Uranus points towards your shadow self and helps you realize your style

Neptune makes you dreamy in your own world of illusions

Pluto, the protector who destroys everything that is irrelevant to you

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